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About Us

DIMOL is a knowledge-based domestic manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and sale of energy-efficient ceramic panels for indoor heating. It is precisely the fact that the company independently produces its products, and does not sell under its own brand noname products produced in China, is one of the important factors of its success in the market and good reputation.

The impetus for the development and creation of the newest alternative heating systems has become a number of factors, the impact of which since the establishment of the company in 2015 only intensifies:

- constant rise in prices of traditional energy resources (natural gas, coal) and consequently the growth of utility tariffs for industry and population;

- increase of energy efficiency requirements;

- Increased attention to environmental processes;

- the state's desire for maximum energy independence and abandonment of natural gas;

- rapid development and distribution of renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, water, etc.), including in private farms.

Our main goal is to help you to partially or completely deviate from the obsolete heating technologies developed and implemented decades ago when energy was used almost mindlessly, and the tariffs on them, as compared to the present, were simply ridiculous. We understand how important it is for businesses and private individuals to save on the maintenance of commercial, production space and housing, and we want to prove that modern developments allow you to do so with comfort without any restrictions. And most importantly, this does not require high-value systems, difficult to put into operation and maintenance. Installing a ceramic heating panel is almost as easy as tightening the shelf. Minimum effort - and you get a modern, economical, reliable, safe and stylish heat source.

Ceramic panels take up a bit of space. Due to the ability of the material to accumulate heat, they maintain the temperature well, consuming electricity at the level with a conventional refrigerator. The level of heating the device is completely safe for the person and can not cause burns, even if there is a long contact with the surface, unlike most conventional electric heaters. Ecological material during operation does not distinguish foreign smells and harmful vapors.

To date, DIMOL has a wide range of implemented heating projects, including private accommodation, social facilities (kindergartens, culture homes, medical facilities), business areas, commercial and industrial premises. Among them there are options for transition to electric heating as the main type of heating, the combination of alternative heat sources with gas and other equipment, the use of ceramic tiles for cuvettes with centralized heating.

The most demanded products of the company among private clients. In addition to the cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, the heaters "DIMOL" offer wide opportunities for decoration, because if you wish, you can additionally order drawing on the panel an image that will be in harmony with the interior of the room.

The current line of products includes 48 models of own development. Also, the company holds the copyright for a series of ceramic towels. Constant work on new products and improvement of existing models in terms of functional characteristics and aesthetic appearance is a guarantee that you will receive a modern, easy to use and beautiful product.

Another major advantage of DIMOL is the complete cycle of production from basic components to finished products, which in turn allows you to control the quality at all stages of product creation. Ceramic heaters have successfully passed the state certification of UkrSEPRO, have conclusions of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Commission. Certificates of conformity of national and European models fully confirm their quality and safety for users.

Taking advantage of DIMOL TM products, you will receive guaranteed quality heating devices from a Ukrainian manufacturer that will please you for effective operation during operation. If necessary, the company will provide you with prompt warranty and post-warranty service.