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Frequently Asked Questions About DIMOL Heaters

The difference between the series of heaters with the thermostats and Plus.

In a series of heaters with a thermostat built-in thermostat (which controls the air temperature in the room, which allows to minimize electricity consumption, as well as adjust the individual temperature for each room). In the Plus series, the programmer has plenty of features that allow you to control the temperature in the room, as well as set the daily or weekly mode of the panel.

What is the distance from the items hanging panels?

5 cm

At what height from the floor hang the panels?

Minimum 10 cm

Where better to place panels?

In the place with the highest heat losses.

Can I hang a panel if the wall is clad with a cloth (pasted with wallpaper)?

It is possible, but it is desirable to install a protective film.

Can a child get burns from the panel?

The panel is heated to a temperature of 70-75 ° C

How long does it cool and heat the panel?

The heating and cooling time of the panel depends on its power and the size of the room in which it is located. Approximately 20-30 minutes.

For what period of time the panel will heat the room?

Each room has different parameters, and therefore different heat losses. Accordingly, the heating time of each room is individual.

Can I put the panel on the legs?

So. The wheel stand is suitable for models Mini 01, Standart 03 and Maxi 05. And there is a stand for the heaters Steel 01, Steel 021.

What is the length of the cable?

1.70 m

What is the length of the IR wave?

The wavelengths of the IR heat produced by the panel in the environment are 4-9 microns, most natural for humans.

Do oxygen panels burn?

The heating element of the ceramic electric panel does not come into contact with the air, so it does not burn oxygen.

Do you have ceramic panels, therapeutic properties?

Everyone knows the healing effect of warm stones, which is widely used in baths and saunas, also applies to the surface of a ceramic electric panel. Long-wave thermal radiation is very useful for the human body - it literally impregnates each cell's body with waves of heat, increasing immunity.

Is it possible to hang a panel with printing in the bathroom?

It is possible to use in a bathroom with a small amount of humidity.

Does the drawing disappear?

The printing is quite resistant to mechanical damage.

Can I dump things in the panel?

It is impossible to close the panel directly, as there will be no heat loss, which can negatively affect the operation of the device.

Does the panel disappear?

The technology of ultraviolet printing has many advantages, one of which ensures that the print does not burn out and is resistant to external influences.

Can I use ceramic panels as the main heating system?

Yes of course. In this case, the installation of ceramic panels as a main heating has several advantages, one of which is the simplicity and low installation cost;

To what temperature can the electric panel heat the room?

The indoor temperature is affected by many factors, such as the height of the ceiling, the intervals during which open windows and doors, the degree of insulation of the room, which can not be accurately measured. That is why the temperature to which the room is warmed up is individual in each case.

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