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Temperature regulators

Temperature regulators

Temperature regulators

The thermostat is a device that maintains the temperature at the level specified by the consumer. They are most often used in artificial climate installations, in cooling and freezing units, in modern heating systems, in the greenhouse industry, and in other industries.

The thermostat may have a built-in or remote thermal sensor, which is installed in a place that does not directly affect the heating devices. He supplies the thermoregulator with information about the temperature of the air in the zone of the location of the thermocouple itself. Based on these data, the thermostat controls the heating devices indoors.

Application of thermoregulation equipment allows to reduce qualitatively the expenses for heating in the winter and ventilation-cooling in the summer. The ability to accurately withstand the specified parameters, while avoiding overheating, or overcooling can save about 40% of heating costs. Application of thermoregulators is especially relevant in connection with the constant increase in the cost of energy.

Company Dimol offers thermoregulators for the acquisition of systems of modern heating of housing on the basis of ceramic panels for special prices. We are ready to offer you a wide range of thermostats, checked by time and work. High-quality goods at an excellent price - this is ours.

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