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A timer, or as it is otherwise called, is a time-relay, an analog or digital device, the main purpose of which is to start and shut off external mechanisms at certain intervals of time.

The timer is programmed to set the exact time of operation of the electrical equipment in one or another mode. Due to this, timer-controlled devices are subject to varying load intensities, but in addition to reducing the risk of device failure.

Electromechanical timers are structurally simpler, and therefore more reliable and, moreover, are cheaper. In turn, the digital exclusion timer ensures more accurate programming, allows you to set a shorter time interval so that errors, emergency situations and hardware malfunction are virtually eliminated.

Learning to install a program for a power outlet with a timer is very easy. Any person will cope with it. To do this, just read the manual for the timer that comes with it in the kit. You can also contact Demol's consultants for help.